Dead Birds Don't Sing
But Witching Rods Talk


Introduction to the Dead Birds Don't Sing But Witching Rods Talk Blog

          Doug Drake, who put this website together, is now going to get me started on a blog. It will consist of past and present stories - most of them related to the book on this site. Some of the articles will hopefully be the basis for a follow-up book. Right now - the blog might be a bit rambling and sometimes out of order. Enjoy - and if you want a good web development man - Doug is the guy! My wife Linda has been one of my best promoters. She knows that I had this idea of going to the paper to get some free advertising for things that we consider important. I submitted a sample of stories and included some blatant religious articles as well. I knew the religious articles would kill the idea but to my great surprise - the editor said “Yes.”  The weekly column included humour, adventure and religion. The articles became the basis for our book and the whole experiment has been life changing for both of us.

          I thought “Dead Birds Don’t Sing But Witching Rods Talk” would be a catchy title and I contacted a woman to ask about a whale photo for the front cover. She said that the rights to the photo had been sold but asked me for the title of the book. When I told her - there was a long silence. Then she asked if I was a Christian. When I affirmed, she said, “I don’t think we should use the witching rod. The first time I tried it I was knocked flat on the ground.” Then - this woman, a woman I have never met, prayed on the phone - for God to bless the project.

          The book was at the Publishing House when Linda and I met Robin. Robin was curious about what happens at death and then he told us about some friends who couldn’t find water until their property was witched. He asked our opinion on the subject. When we told him the title of our book, he said, “I want that book.” What Robin did not tell us, was, that he was a dowser/witcher and that his rods had started working when he asked them a question.

          After reading the chapter on the subject, he prayed. The rods have not worked since and he has become a good friend and helped promote the book far and wide. He will probably read this and might post a response. We will see. His experience with the book is one of many. (This was originally posted on Facebook and Robin did see it and he did affirm.)  Thanks Robin.

          Linda and I were going to promote the book at the Alamo in San Antonio. As we got out of the car, a man left a group of people and came over to us. He said that he had been impressed to ask if we had some books to share.  In shock, we affirmed, and he nodded at his friends. This was one of many divine appointments.

          We were on an Alaska cruise and Linda had experienced some exciting things so I asked the Lord to send me someone who needed a book. Immediately a man approached and said, “I feel strongly that you and I are destined to meet on this ship, on this day, at this moment.” “Yes,” I said, “I have a book for you.” He was a wealthy Hindu man and knew a lot about the subjects I had written about.

          Numerous experiences like these will be the stories in my next book and maybe I will put some of them on my webpage… but back to that sense of urgency. I am convicted that our world is in trouble and rapidly changing and the bible has much to say about it. Our book experiment has shown us how exciting it can be to connect with the King of the universe. When Jesus was on earth he turned no-one away who came to him. We all need to give Him a chance.


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