Dead Birds Don't Sing
But Witching Rods Talk


On the Street Again

Experimenting in San Antonio. It was very interesting and here are a few things from a note I wrote recently:  We have had people take the book who would not take a "religious" book.  Some have stopped water witching and that includes pastors.  The first man to ever get the book is just now finishing the Great Controversy as his sixth or seventh book.  He prayed about his water witching and it mysteriously stopped working.  He understands that it was not his dead mother who visited....   He has 3abn and many more stories to share.


I will be writing a second book and many of the stories will be based on what has happened with this experiment.  Here are a couple of things that happened recently while we were in San Antonio.  


Thought you might enjoy this one:    We used up all our books and I took one with me on my run with Mason on Friday morning.  Since I had been asked to teach the lesson, I prayed that God might lead to a person who would give me a story to share.  (We've done this before)


Shortly a woman came over to me and excitedly said, "This is incredible - your baby looks just like my grandson, Mason."   I thought I had misunderstood so I asked, "Your grandson's name is Mason?"   "Yes" she said.   I told her that my grandson's name was also Mason.  She was amazed and said "I have to show you some photos."  My grandson looks just like yours - and he did....


Jeanie said she jogged 30 miles per week and had noticed me jogging with the baby.  She said she was pretty fit and was a vegetarian.  I said I was too and she was amazed again.  Then she said that she looked younger than her age and that I probably did too.  She said that she was 62 yrs old and guessed that I was about the same.  I confirmed that I was 62 yrs old (my birthday was in March)  She was flabbergasted and all but said that our meeting was predestined.


I didn't tell her that I agreed - but I did tell her that I had a book for her.  When she found that I was the author and had lived by the ocean just like her - she was excited to begin reading - even after I told her that there were some spiritual components in the book.


We had ordered 500 more books and they just came. We went down to the Alamo for about an hour and handed out over 100 books and even had people asking for the book and some wanted autographs.  I couldn't believe it....


This is our last week here, and if we go again, we might be able to hand all of them out.  I was even interviewed by an atheist with a camera.     


Here is one more:

The craziest thing happened and I thought that the other grandparents would enjoy this.  I was by myself momentarily and just finishing feeding Mason his breakfast of oatmeal.  I remembered a sermon that Mark Finley preached where he said that it is good to let Satan hear some of our prayers.  So I quietly asked for wisdom and courage and forgiveness for my fears.  I knew that Mason could not understand and I thought that I talked so quietly that he wouldn't hear anyway.  I didn't shut my eyes or fold my hands and I think I was still feeding him in-between his playing with his toys.  I suddenly noticed that he was very quiet and watching me intently.  Then he folded his hands in prayer.


I was shocked.  How did he know?  We pray that he might be filled with the Holy Spirit no matter what happens in this busy home.  Interesting.....     


Even more startling.  Linda prayed that she might meet someone that God sent and she began talking to a man who was going to Vancouver Island the next day and his son was hoping to see a Sasquatch.  Linda had no books but she didn't know that I had put one under the baby stroller and suddenly she noticed it and gave it to him.  Two days later there was a news item that some fisheries personnel had seen a Sasquatch on the west coast of Vancouver Island...


That experience is not as strange as the man who was a vendor selling tickets who came running after us to ask us if we were from Canada (he recognized a clothing brand) Then he said "Sasquatch country" and proceeded to tell us his experience with one.  We had no books but the next day we took him one.  That was just by random and we had not been giving out books that day and in fact had none with us.  I could go on and on. 


I will probably be going on a boating/camping trip with some people who are looking for healing and a spiritual type retreat in an outdoors environment.  I have also been asked to be a speaker for kids at the BC camp meeting. Last time I created some controversy when I gave kids my book.  Some adults thought some of the stories were not suitable. I guess they are willing to take the risk again...


On our cruise we both had some neat things happen in the "book" area.  We took some to give out and one day I prayed for a specific divine leading.  I was reading a book called “One Miracle After Another”  an amazing story of God's leading when we obey and demonstrate faith.  Anyway, I took that book and one of my own and was looking for a window seat while the ship was travelling.


I hadn't even sat down yet when a man came over to me and asked if I had read another book called "A course in miracles"  I know the book and it approaches the subject of miracles and angels from the wrong angle and is very deceptive.  This man said to me that he felt strongly that we were destined to meet at that moment on that ship on that day.  I agreed and showed him my book.


He was excited and knew more than me about winged serpents and ancient gods etc.  He was very involved and was an Indian from Cashmere, India raised as a Hindu.  He was actively involved with his own company which promoted motivational teaching and well being and put on seminars for corporations etc. to promote well being and productivity.  He took one look at the Caddo solar cross and serpents on the back cover of my book and said that whenever you see 4 serpents - they will be in the form of a swastika.  I learned a lot but he is learning a lot too from a very different angle.  He also is waiting for my website.


I got up at 5:30 one morning and went to the front of the ship as we were passing the top end of Vancouver Island.  I prayed the same prayer but I was the only one up out of the several thousand people on the ship.  Then one man came over to me and stood right beside me in the empty viewing area at the front of the ship - it seats several hundred people.


So I decided that this was the man and engaged him in conversation. He was very interested and asked about UFOs.  So I told him about the experience Linda's dad had in his front yard.  I gave Scott a book and we parted after a good productive and long conversation on an early Sabbath morning.


Margarie – We had only 2 books left and we prayed that they be given to people who would benefit and appreciate.  An older woman came to the motel breakfast and seemed a little distant – but Linda felt impressed to give her a book and engaged her in conversation. She asked where she was from and they shared about family and children. This woman had children in the area and was visiting.  Linda shared about her family and career and fishing etc. and told about the book. The woman wanted a copy and wanted it signed – so Linda came to tell me.


I went to the car and got a book and then found that she was a Christian and had researched and been very interested in Mayan and Aztec civilizations. She had noticed some similarities in Alaskan Natives and was very interested in the history of the cross and the winged serpent. When I told her about Kukulcan the flying serpent that was believed to have come down from heaven – she got excited.  She mentioned how Jesus had said that he saw Satan fall from heaven.


She was very interested in the idea of a short history connected to the serpent that was cursed and the tower of Babel where the languages were confused. She was disturbed by the way evolution theory is worming into religion that used be literally bible based.


She had no problem with the Sasquatch/Bigfoot theory and mentioned that it might be like flying saucer sightings.  Her husband had seen one with another person. I told her about Harold’s experience and said that I thought we are being set up for deceptions that could be critical.  


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