Dead Birds Don't Sing
But Witching Rods Talk


Satan's Keys

Winter 2017

We moved to Creston and have been renovating our house.  There have been some unusual clicking sounds at night and loud bangs and cracks like the house is settling.  And we can’t find things – like the knife that was supposed to be on the counter where Linda had just placed it.  She looked for it and I looked for it.  Suddenly it was right there on the counter – in the open where it was supposed to be.  Similar happened with the toothpaste and other items but the strangest was the disappearing keys.


Our new mail key disappeared from my key chain and I searched my pockets and other key places.  After several searches it turned up in the pocket I had already searched – but it was detached from the chain. Another time I searched for a key and checked my pocket several times – only to have the key fall out of the same pocket when I took my pants off.

I sent my old mail key (from our previous address) to Ron, who was collecting our mail in the transition.  He was to turn the postal key in and close the account. Here is what happened.


I labeled the key and wrapped it in a sheet of paper with a short note for Ron.  I taped the envelope to better seal it and noted that the key slid from side to side when the envelope was tipped.  I briefly wished I had also scotch taped the key inside the envelope.  Imagine my surprise when Ron phoned to tell me that he had received the sealed envelope and note but no key.  Later the key, with the label turned up on Linda’s key chain – but her new mail key has vanished and has not been found.


About this time Linda noticed a post on the local online “buy and sell” requesting help in finding a psychic or medium and the woman (Sarah) said that she had once thought that she would never make such a request.  We made contact and told about our book and offered to bring one to her.  We also told her how to find our website.  Then we learned some more about her on “Facebook”.


She was familiar with the witching rod and used it for various purposes.  And she had recently had a strange experience with her car keys.  She knew they were in her purse but could not find them even after several searches and dumping all the contents out and having others help her look.  Then suddenly they were there where they were supposed to be.  She said that someone was playing with her (lol).  She didn’t seem too concerned but we weren’t laughing.


She wanted to meet us and we made arrangements but on the way to the car – we noticed that the Sarah we were to meet – had a different last name. We were shocked!  We looked this Sarah up online and found that she was a psychic healer and wondered if we had been set up.  After prayer, we continued on to meet the new Sarah, wondering if the first Sarah would also be at the meeting.


We learned that the second Sarah had been supernaturally led to Nelson and practiced a number of alternative Spiritual therapies.  We shared our book and website and found that this Sarah did not know the other Sarah.  She had noticed the online correspondence and was curious.  Strangely, the first Sarah had not received the information setting up the appointment…


We are so confused that we are not sure who contacted whom but we know that the appointments were by divine intervention – and we feel that the enemy was seeking to intervene as well. Sometimes while we were corresponding, an attachment would flash on the computer screen before mysteriously disappearing to the trash box. At other times, a wrong attachment would appear without our doing.


Linda has since delivered a book to the first Sarah although she did not actually meet her due to a sudden scheduling change at Sarah’s workplace. We have dedicated our lives and our new home to God.  We wonder if there is a previous history surrounding this house but it is now a home with the presence of God’s Spirit and things have normalized.  It feels so good.


More - On Sept. 1 2018 (months later) the first Sarah wrote a note thanking us for the well-written book.  We responded with a thanks of our own and told her that we were on a similar journey and that “keys” had led to our meeting. Will we hear more from either of the Sarahs?  God continues to work….


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